June & August Enrichment Series 2019

We are so excited about these programs! In addition to our veteran teacher, Debbie Smith, we welcome our teacher-intern employees, Erin Lafferty and Kate Sigman. All three are eager to apply their fresh expertise and love for kids. We came up with a variety of content that suits an assortment of age ranges. We’re offering an early start on summer for our preschoolers who are still hungry for “school”. Email EllenatTOP@gmail.com with any questions.

The camps are all afternoon half-days, Monday thru Friday, 12:30-3:30. We will break for a healthy snack. Arriving at noon or staying till 4 is available for $5/half hour and can be scheduled that week. One week is $200/ child. Discounts applied when registering for two camps or for 2 siblings attending the same week. Full week registration is required to maintain continuity for the group. We cap at 10 kids per camp so every child gets proper attention.

June 3-7 Promoting Creativity Using Open-Ended Materials for grades K-1 Campers will have the opportunity to be artists, designers, and engineers as they work with open-ended materials such as clay and paint, drawing tools as well as reusable resources like cloth, foam, foil, wire, leather, or cardboard. Having no pre-determined use, open-ended materials give kids creative freedom and expression. One of our goals is for them to find a sense of independent thinking and risk-taking as they learn there’s no right or wrong way to creativity! 

June 24-28 Glow Party! for grades K-2 Does your child have an affinity for science? Do they love things that glow and wonder where the shine comes from? Yes? Well welcome aboard! Enjoy a week of exploring and creating projects that glow and discovering some basic concepts about the chemical reactions that create glow. They’ll get a taste of science with a big flavor of shiny fun! 

August 5-9 Super Scientists for grades 4-6 For our older Playhouse friends and admirers of all things science. Campers will experiment their way to discovering their inner scientist, loving the wonders of science and nature. We’ll incorporate the Scientific Method to reinforce prediction, observation, and analysis skills, important practices for a true researcher. 

August 12-16 Inquiry Based Science Stars for grades 1-2 Campers will “learn by doing” as they ask questions and share ideas while exploring a science topic through their own first-hand experiences. This method of learning promotes meaningful curiosity and exploration and builds critical thinking and communications skills. By the end of the week, they’ll all be superstars talking comfortably about what they think, what happened, and what they learned. 

August 19-23 Exploring Cultures through Arts Integration for grades 1-3 Campers will “travel” the world and explore cultures through visual arts, music, theater, and dance. They will make real-world connections as they compare foreign cultures to our own through a variety of activities that promotes problem solving. Arts integration challenges kids to be creative thinkers and and takes away the limitations of identifying a single solution to a problem. 

August 26-30 Portrait of an Artist for grades K-2 Each day we will explore a well known artist or art form.  We’ll share visuals of their art and explore their medium.  Our campers will become artists, as they create their own masterpieces.  Come learn about Dale Chihuly and his amazing creations from glass, the Japanese art form of Gyotaku fish painting, and Georgia O’Keefe’s fabulous flowers.  We’ll also design our own pieces of artwork after learning about Kandinsky and his circles, as well as others who have encouraged free exploration of color.  There will be lots of opportunity for creativity during this fun filled week.

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