Reader’s Theater





Welcome to the Young Reader’s Theater, where kids enjoy the fun—and benefits—of performing stories that are provided to them or better yet, stories they’ve imagined all on their own! Stories, costumes, stage, props—they’re all here!

Performing scripted or improvised shows builds a child’s confidence, enhances language development, and generates creative thinking.

DSC_0181As a parent, you can join your child in the wonder and magic of his or her own imagination and help them build a library of stories in their minds.

With more stories in their brains, children have  more ways to relate to others. Acting helps kids appreciate a range of perspectives and feelings. It’s a  path to greater empathy.

Thinking about the characters and events in stories help kids ask questions:

  • How did Jack feel when he first saw the scary giant?
  • What’s going on in Cinderella’s head when her foot slips into that glass slipper?
  • How would I feel  if I was Goldilocks and woke up to Papa Bear’s questions?

The Young Reader’s Theater is the place for kids to explore these questions and more and embrace creative, expressive storytelling.DSC_0183