Village Market and Home

Village Market and Home


Pack your (imaginary) passport and journey to an International Market and Village Home! Enter a replica of a market from a foreign land, where children are invited to role play familiar roles.


With exhibits changing regularly, the current one explores life Native Americans from the Southwest. As a parent, you can invite your child to accept or assign different roles in their imaginary play.

Let your child take the lead! In the market, kids can pretend being shoppers, tourists, moms, dads, or vendors. They can read the literature provided about the region. They can find countries on a world map.  The incidental learning is endless!

In the village home next door, the children can continue their play and pretend to cook, serve or eat the food that they purchased in the market.

DSC_0180Why? Dramatic play is an essential component for emotional and cognitive development. Kids want to make sense of the world around them; and when we provide children opportunities to pretend to be different people in our society, their world grows.They learn how to negotiate with others and solve problems when they put themselves in the role of those they observe in their world.