Art 101




“Learning through the arts promotes the idea that there is more than one solution to a problem or more than one answer to a question.”

                                                                    Elliott Eisner
                                                                    Professor Emeritus of Education
                                                                    Stanford University

In our busy and over-scheduled world, art offers a time for reflection and relaxation.  Children deserve the gift of time. Our art studio invites you and your child to enjoy an opportunity to craft your masterpiece. Perseverance is one of those 21st century skills that tomorrow’s generation needs to succeed.  Come, create and enjoy!

Remember: Aside from the sheer fun of watching a work of art evolve, art has tremendous value for children.  When given the time, kids will notice what they might not have seen before, like all the shades of blue in a summer sky or all the detail on a butterfly’s wings.  Drawing, painting and sketching help kids see clearly; and as they experiment with color and shape, they are more willing to take risks and learn from mistakes.