TOP Drop!

During the pandemic, after one month of being closed turned into two and then into three, I found myself wondering how to best spend my time. There were only so many (affordable) revisions and updates we could apply to TOP.  So I acted on an idea I’ve had for a couple years. I decided I’d try my hand at toy making. I asked my husband for a tutorial with his power tools and went to town making miniature versions of a Playhouse original–the ping pong ball drops! Kids love it so much we have two of them at TOP–one at the entrance (“Count Me In”) and one in our Engineerium (the 4 sided one in the back). We named it TOP Drop! So now you can have a piece from The Original Playhouse inside your own home! They’re great for toddlers all the way to Kindergartners.Ping pong balls do not present as a choking hazard, but it’s a given that we monitor young children with small objects.