General Information

The Original Playhouse – General Information
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Contact Information:  Email or call 301-865-6500

Admission Rates (Cash and all major credit cards accepted)

General Admission

  • Adult $5
  • Toddler 18 mos – 2 year-olds $5
  • Child 3 and up $10

Friends and families are welcome to stay as long as they’d like. Save the backyard garden play for last as once outside, we ask that you exit through the back gate. Upon exiting the playhouse, there is no reentry.

Special Events
Field Trips Please Call: 301-865-6500 or email
Birthday Parties Click on Birthday Parties tab

The policy of the playhouse includes two general rules:Children must be accompanied by a guardian age 16 or up at ALL times

1. Grown-ups are in the same room as their child(ren) at all times.

2. Before moving on, grown-ups and kids tidy-up their area.

*The Original Playhouse strongly encourages a maximum ratio of 3 children per 1 adult so that grown-ups can be attentive to their children, to better facilitate children’s room-choice preferences, and to more easily respect the policies of the playhouse. Children are not permitted to wander the museum on their own. Character Counts at TOP!

**The Original Playhouse targets children ages 2-9 as the activities are most appropriate for this developmental range. Toddlers enjoy the playhouse; however, parents need to be extra watchful of this age group because elements such as the bubble maker, rice table, and toys that aren’t meant for children under three can present challenges and can create a less than pleasant experience. Children older than 9 are all invited as we believe you’re never too old to play!

Playhouse Token System:

Each child will receive TOP Tokens that are exchanged for crafting materials and supplies that go home with you. Tokens act as a child’s “spending money” to “pay” for their art. This pretend economy gives kids ownership of their work and complements the Character Counts Pillar of trustworthiness.


4 West Main Street, New Market, MD 21774
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