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The Original Playhouse – About the Owner


The day I visited a children’s museum with my daughter was the day I decided that I wanted to create one of my own for Frederick.  It took just a little convincing for my husband Mark to come on board and once he realized I was serious, he helped me bring my vision to reality.  Together, we transformed an empty shell of a house into a playground for young minds to flourish.

I’ve taught with Frederick County Public Schools for the last 17 years.  Beginning as a high school special education teacher, I spent the last 10 years as a reading interventionist for grades K-5.  What I love most about elementary-aged kids is their sheer enthusiasm toward life and their desire to learn new things. I believe the most lasting learning is achieved through playful methods and by engaging all of our senses. The Original Playhouse emulates this philosophy and offers an opportunity for cognitive and social growth in children ranging primarily in ages 3-8.

My goal for your visit to TOP is for your child’s ideas and creativity to flow as you play alongside them.  See their imaginations run free while they soak up all sorts of valuable learning through fun forms of play.   Engage in their world of pretend play and hear their perspective of how they view the world around them. To me, most children’s worlds are full of optimism, joy, and honesty. It doesn’t get more refreshing than that!



Ellen Przybocki

Owner, The Original Playhouse


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