Hours & Admission

We will be open President’s Day Monday from 10am-4pm

Contact Info – Ellenattop@gmail.com or call 301-865-6500
4 West Main Street, New Market, MD 21774

Hours Sunday: 12:00-5:00pm                                                                                                                                  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am-4pm                                                                                                         Wednesday: 9am-2pm                                                                                                    Saturdays are closed for private parties.                                                                                           Closed Mondays.  

We mail gift certificates!
Give us a call and we’ll get them in the same day’s mail! Call 301-865-6500

The Original Playhouse Admission (For the day, no time limit!)
Cash and all major credit cards accepted
General Admission
Adult $5
1.5-2 year olds $5
3 and up $10                                                                                                                                       5 Visit Punch Card Passes                                                                                                  1 Adult & 1 Child: $50  1 Adult & 2 Children: $75 (Good for 1 year!) 

5 Visit Pass

Express Play Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9am-1pm – Stay for one hour and everybody plays for $5 each!

Admission is for the day.
Walk-in Play is open during our scheduled hours, Sunday and Tuesday-Friday unless noted on our home page.
We kindly request that you save the backyard garden play for last as the back door remains locked for safety…
Upon exiting the garden gate, please walk around to the front for re-entry if you still have some play left inside you!
There’s a walkway between the playhouse and Vintage that will lead you to our front door on Main St.

The policy of the playhouse includes two general rules.
1. Grown-ups are responsible for and stay in the same area as their child(ren).
2. Before moving to the next room, please encourage your kids to help restore the area and leave it ready for the next friend to play.

*The Original Playhouse strongly encourages a maximum ratio of 3 children per 1 adult so that grown-ups can better facilitate children’s room-choice preferences, and to more easily respect the policies of the playhouse. Children are not permitted to wander the museum on their own.

**The Original Playhouse targets children ages 3-9 as the activities are most appropriate for this developmental range. Toddlers are welcome to play too; however, parents need to be extra watchful in the water room and around the stairs. There are toys that aren’t designed or safe for children under three. For these reasons, bringing a baby can often result in an unpleasant experience Children older than 9 are certainly invited as we believe you’re never too old to play!                                                    

Every November-February
Donate to Blessings in a Backpack Help feed kids in our community. Bring a box of Mac n Cheese and a can of Chef Boy R Dee Ravioli and get $5 off your total full admission.